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When a group of girls flash one or more men.
Usually the result of a lost bet, game, etc.
Guy: Alright we won, take everything off!
Girl: No please do we have to?
Guy: Its either that or a boat show.
Girl: Fine..
by MBM116 February 21, 2011
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When you commit to attend an event (such as a party or work function) then opt out of your commitment for a very weak or inexcusably lame reason.

A generic description used when you do not know where a person is at that current moment.
Example: "I told my friend Sarah that I would go with her to trim her dog's toenails, but then I boat showed her. That bitch was crazy to ever think I would help her do that. Sheesh."

Example: "The babysitter boat showed us tonight."

Example: "Is the IT guy around? I really need him to look at my laptop computer which died again."

"I think the IT guy is at a boat show."
by HoneyBoatShow February 11, 2013
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