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A person who wears a bluetooth wireless earpiece everywhere they go to seem trendy and important. Places to spot bluetools include movie theaters, malls, restaurants, gyms, grocery stores and cars.
Bluetool: Heyyy, how are you?

Megan: I'm great, and yourself?

Bluetool: Oh, sorry Megan. I wasn't talking to you, I'm on a call. Bluetooth.
by Orchard August 01, 2006
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a person who uses their blue tooth headset when unnecessary, or leaves attached in ear when not having a conversation.
person 1: do you see that blue tool over there, the one sitting down, not doing anything but still using their headset?

person 2: yeah. lets go murder her!
by your progenetor June 15, 2007
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A person who walks around with their blue tooth on and has extremely loud conversations in public, seemingly enjoying sharing their business with strangers.
"It was bad enough I had to wait in line for 20 minutes, let alone having to hear some blue tool behind me yapping away!"
by toolguru October 25, 2007
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The knob that is yapping loudly on his blue tooth while his eyes dart around hoping to find someone listening in to overhear him “move and shake” because all the difference makers are in a Wal-Mart midmorning in their khakis yapping on their cell phones.
Guy #1: Check out this douche yapping on his cell phone.

Guy #2: That’s no douche, that’s a blue tool.
by Nickola15 July 13, 2010
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One who wears a blue-tooth ear piece at all times, even when they're not using a phone or it is inappropriate to use a phone, (i.e. movies, restaurant, car) simply to have the appearance of being sophisticated and trendy.
Dude, that guy over there is a total blue-tool, just look at his ear piece.
by Jack Gagnon May 22, 2007
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A person who wears his/her bluetooth all the time, even when it is unneccesary. Making him/her look like a real tool.
Jarhead and I saw some bluetool at the city park yesterday sitting on the grass with his bluetooth headset on.
by Cheweysmoker August 06, 2008
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A condescending asshole who goes everyhwhere with their blue tooth head piece on, even when quite inappropriate. They are always speaking vociferously with no regard for others around them.
Jim, did you see that blue tool in church receiving communion with his earpiece on?
by Christopher M. Martin December 07, 2008
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