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The cop's version of going on strike. Since they can't legally strike they all call in sick.
When the city threatened to reduce pensions, the NYPD came down with a bad case of the blue flu.
by Tragic Story December 22, 2004
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In Los Angeles, when a person falsely claims to be sick in order to get out of work and go to a Dodgers baseball game.
"Dodger Blue Flu: Asm. Jimmy Gomez called in sick to floor session for Dodgers opening day." -- John Hrabe (, April 10, 2015
by LAmom April 19, 2018
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When the female gender (or male) loves a man in uniform, particularly a police officer.
"Omg Jackie, I just came back from this guys house and he's a cop" Jackie says "so you have the blue flu?"
by Thetwofeath March 29, 2015
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