When an energy drink almost gives you energy but then just leaves you tired and frustrated.
I tried that new energy drink but it didn't do anything. I just got Blue Bulled
by mrRected April 14, 2010
An overrated South African rugby team hailing from Pretoria and compete in the Currie Cup who are generally renowned to be (among other things) brainless, overweight, beer-swilling, louts. Also used to refer to their fans who reflect the rugby team exceptionally well in the above attributes.
"Why is he drooling like that?"
"He's a Blue Bulls supporter"
by Museite October 17, 2008
As the title says. A nigger with lips so massive, they’re blue.
Get back in the cotton fields you Blue Gum Bull Nigger
by Niggerlover79 November 9, 2020