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something to say to somebody when either you are not listening, don't give care about what they are saying, or when you actually have NO EFFING IDEA what they are talking about. A very good closer to a conversation you are trying to walk away from.
You need to be careful, because used too often in the wrong situation, the insincerity shows through.
"So, I was at that office for over two hours and then they had me go down town and talk to someone who it must have been her first day. And long story short, I still don't have my reflectors back from the warehouse."

"I know what that's about!"
by mrRected April 14, 2010
a term meaning till the end of an era. Often implied to mean forever but in most cases means until something comes along to mess things up.

To keep something going as long as you possibly can, the way you would drive a car until the wheels off.
"You gotta meet this girl I've been seeing. I'm going to roll with this one till the wheels fall off"

"How long do you think you can go before your boss finds out you are not qualified?"
"I have no idea, but I'm going to stick around till the wheel off."
by mrRected April 16, 2010
A statement made when you need to quickly get out of a situation or leave the conversation or a room. A great excuse for tardiness or and absence.

Also an euphemism for going number 2.

A line used many times by Patrick Bateman in the book "American Physco." written by Bret Easton Ellis
"Where you going, dude? We got another round of beers coming?"

"I have to return some video tapes."

"Those fish tacos tore me up. Umm, I have to return some video tapes."
by mrRected April 16, 2010
to be the last person somebody text that day. The most intimate text goodnight is when that person is actually lying in bed or at least says they are lying in bed. "Text goodnight"s are generally not sexual and because of that sometimes more intimate.
Lynzie and I texted until 3 in the morning, then we text goodnight.

Lynzie: LMAO

Billy: He's a douchbag.

Lynzie: Yup. Well, I gotta wake up in like 4hrs.

ttyl. G'nite! ;)

Billy: See ya later
by mrRected April 14, 2010
When an energy drink almost gives you energy but then just leaves you tired and frustrated.
I tried that new energy drink but it didn't do anything. I just got Blue Bulled
by mrRected April 14, 2010
To tweet goodnight

Tweeting goodnight is the lamest form of begging for attention. Suffice to say, that nobody that is on Twitter at the time to see your "tweet goodnights" gives a damn that you are about to go to bed. A tweet goodnight is what someone who doesn't have someone to tell or to "text goodnight" does to make them feel important.
"Well Twitter, I've watched all the YouTube I can for one night. Guess, I'll see ya tomorrow. G'Nite! # tweet goodnight #urbandictionary"
by mrRected April 16, 2010