Blue grabs is where you have a fungal infection which grows on your toenail which grows in your mouth( teeth and tongue) instead.
blue crabs is where after you suck on someones toes because you have a foot fetish and they have a fungal infection on there toenail the fungal starts to grow in your teeth on your tongue
by YELLOWDOG1996 April 06, 2010
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When a female squeezes and twists a man's balls till they turn dark blue. Then the male prepares for intercourse by clamping his hands like a crab.
"I was in the mood for sushi, so Sarah gave me a Blue Crab."
by calry April 22, 2007
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A.k.a. The MBC. A type of sexual revenge for a woman. A man and a woman are having sex and the woman is on top. Right when the man says he's getting close to finishing, the woman jumps off, throws Old Bay on his genitals, and immediately leaves. Now what the man didn't know is that the woman has crabs. So now he has blue balls and crabs, all covered in Old Bay, Maryland Style.
Man1: Yo, did you hear how she did him dirty?

Man2: Nah, what happened?

Man1: She got him with The MBC!

Man2: No way! Not The Maryland Blue Crab!
by Buck Lawson January 25, 2017
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An act where a woman places her legs behind her head, and you then place her in a full-nelson and fuck her in the ass.
I gave my wife a Baltimore Blue Crab, a month ago, she couldn't walk for a week!
by Vicdamonius September 08, 2011
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The unfortunate event of having both crabs and blue waffles at the same time
Fuck man, I knew I shouldn't have fucked that whore last night she gave me Chesapeake Blue Crabs
by thesurferdude223 November 09, 2017
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When a male has testicular crabs, he places Old Bay Seasoning on his balls and allows a female to suck the crabs off.
Yeah Baby, its all you can eat West Virginia Blue Crab down there.
by kvgooch March 17, 2009
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