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The female version of blue balls. When a woman is interrupted during coitus and is not allowed to finish, she gets a burning sensation in her fallopian tubes that feels as if she's trying to queef a fireball.
Peach: Mario, why do you always stop in the middle of sex? Youre giving me blue tubes.
Mario: Peacha! I gotta getta da coins! Imma so sorry...
Peach: Well sorry doesn't cut it, I feel like a fireball is coming out of my vagina
Mario: Sounds likea you gotta da fireflower!
Peach: You are an idiot Mario. Im going to go find Luigi.....
by gbabyawesome July 04, 2011
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When all your pent up sexual frustration builds up and you finally get laid--only for the sex to be garbage and you go from horny to angry af real quick. Especially mad you wasted a body count on his micropenis.
That mother fucker from last light spit all this game about tearing my pussy apart, only to find out his dick game is weak, and now I got the worst case of Blue Tubes.
by FindYorChi February 11, 2019
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When we're not sure what some electric devices are called, somehow we mix them up unintentionally like Bluetooth and YouTube.
Betsy:Hey Josh where's my Bluetube you had it last?

Josh:It's in the car,I took it off when I finished talking to Linda.
by FAFA-HEAD July 10, 2008
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Any random porn site that encourages amateurs to upload their videos.
Tammy and I just made an awesome porno. We uploaded it to the internet. Soon, it will be all over BlueTube.
by SuperCabbie December 15, 2018
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