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The acronym that stands for Boob to Frame ratio. Its a mathematical ratio designed to determine how big a woman's breasts are compared to what her frame should be able to handle. It is used to discern how attractive a girl is when cup size doesn't tell the whole story.
Matt: Dude my girlfriend has bangin double d's!!
Ryan: Yeah... but she has shoulders like a linebacker, sorry bro but her BTF is waaaay too small for me.
by gbabyawesome July 13, 2011
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when two men of a different race perform "dick docking"
Me and Juan did an international space station in front of the entire school for diversity day.
by gbabyawesome May 13, 2011
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A person who has long drawn out nipples like they have been pulled too hard off of a taffy puller, either because of a genetic defect or by force.
Guy 1: O man you shoulda seen the nips on this gurl
Guy 2: Were they pepperoni nipples? I hate those...
Guy 1: Nah man, dey was taffy nipples
by gbabyawesome August 3, 2011
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The female version of blue balls. When a woman is interrupted during coitus and is not allowed to finish, she gets a burning sensation in her fallopian tubes that feels as if she's trying to queef a fireball.
Peach: Mario, why do you always stop in the middle of sex? Youre giving me blue tubes.
Mario: Peacha! I gotta getta da coins! Imma so sorry...
Peach: Well sorry doesn't cut it, I feel like a fireball is coming out of my vagina
Mario: Sounds likea you gotta da fireflower!
Peach: You are an idiot Mario. Im going to go find Luigi.....
by gbabyawesome July 5, 2011
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