An alcoholic beverage consisting of grain alcohol, sugar syrup, and blue raspberry flavoring. Can cause intoxication to "sneak up on you" due to the high amount of sugar increasing the alcohol's effect.
Yo'. That blue shit tasted like juice but I was so drunk when I tried to stand up, I fell on my ass.
by mj wright April 10, 2007
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!) The mildly more food safe version of windex.

2) Poop that happens after eating blue ice cream.
1) "Bro! I got so stoned last night I forgot eating all that blue ice cream. If it were not for the blue shit I would never have known"

2) "The espresso machine is all fucking crusty. Where is the blue shit?"

3) "Don't bring that windex bull shit up in here. Windex is illegal. We have blue shit!"
by Big Black Sexy Daddy J. July 4, 2009
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Clearly being the worst of the worst. Not only is it bad, but it is distinguishable amoung other shit for being so bad.
by NW at UofR March 27, 2007
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To shit blue lights means to shit ones self from fear.
I almost shit blue lights when that big dog growled at me while showing his teeth!
by Woll August 19, 2017
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British saying to express great surprise and or fear.

the use of the words "blue lights" in this saying most likely refers to the lights found on emergency vehicles such as police, ambulance and fire service.

When they approach from behind at breakneck speed with their sirens blaring and lights flashing, you are often caught by surprise, this causes the fight of flight response also known as "shitting yourself. "

The combination of flashing lights as well as a fear response produces the saying "shitting blue lights"
There was a loud bang followed by a scream, i shat blue lights, and ran

When i saw the dog come running out the gate after me, i was so scared i was shitting blue lights.

Note* emergency vehicles do not need to be present for this saying to be used to describe acute fear or surprise.
by abominableangel February 25, 2013
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Blue Shitting: When Law Enforcement stands around and jokes about the scene they are currently on
I was blue shitting when the guy in the crash started coding
by jlove6166 April 29, 2020
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