The Conflict in the Beattle's Yellow Submarin
Choca canga and the wota sam rara in the BLUE MEANIE's
by phantom5 December 31, 2004
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The Berkeley, Oakland, and campus police, California Highway Patrol, the National Guard, and the other law enforcement officials who were sent into Berkeley for a horrifying week in the 1960s. They occupied the town for a week, patroling streets with machine guns and creating a tension among citizens. They were there to suppress the Berkeley activists and hippies, mostly associated with the establishment of People's Park in Berkeley. The name comes from the blue one-piece suits they would wear and be identifiable by.
Look at the blue meanies bombing that crowd with tear gas!
by Riff Randall May 30, 2006
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Blue Meanie is a slang term for 10mg of adderall, which are blue.
"Hey Matt, do you have any blue meanies?"
by DreamsL0ST January 22, 2005
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A professional wrestler on the independant circuit. Blue Meanie is on myspace.com and was once brutally attacked by JBL. Worked for WWE until now.
"Blue Meanie was one the funniest CEW guys ever
by Rolento August 20, 2005
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A particular variety of Cylocycobin mushroom found in Rural Australia, particularly Queensland and New south wales.
He dropped a half dozen Bluemeanie caps and wandered off into the bush laughing an hour later.
by Bloodbunny June 18, 2006
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