A cuter, flirtier way of calling someone a jerk.
by LanceCPL September 14, 2011
Someone who likes insulting their friends for fun.
Someone who loves being mean to everyone.
Somoene who doesn't care to hurt your feelings.
by Blazing _unicorn October 4, 2016
someone who:

- annoys you for their enjoyment
- enjoys the suffering of others
- bullies
- teases
- insults
- physically abuses you
- your older/younger brother/sister
- your stepmom/dad
- king.
king is a meanie, he called me a ho'
by better than youuuuuu November 16, 2005
A world used to describe a person who has acted in a mean or unfair manner, so that the victim of this treatment is unable to get their own way, therefore resulting in sulking and grumpiness on the part of the said person.
Boy/girl: mandy's invited me to a party on saturday night, please can i go?


Boy/girl :OMG,that's so unfair!Why can't i go?

Mother: BECAUSE!End of conversation.

(secretly hatches plan to sneak out instead...)
by wet fish June 9, 2006
Wonwoo and Mingyu, a fairly big ship in the kpop community. They are in the 13 member korean boy band, Seventeen.
Meanie is so cute!!

Mingyu and Wonwoo make Meanie!!
by aimsgames April 20, 2018
A mean penis, specifically a penis that is holding out which would be a mean thing to do. Also includes people who happen to have penises that are exceptionally mean.
Snexys was quite irate to find that Chris would not do her. She informed him that he was being a mean penis, to which Locked called him a meanis. As snexys and locked walked away to go be naughty in front of Grant instead of Chris, Chris cried himself to sleep for he was now more useless in bed than a seemingly gay foreigner.
by Lckd_N_Lded September 23, 2007
The true meaning of a mathematical equation.
A hard but tried and true way of life.
Hey Meany - Holy shift! Check out the asymptote on that mother function!
Thomas isn't a meany - CODE BROWN! CODE BROWN!
by MentholCream March 28, 2019