A light blue 1993 Ford Tempo with lots of wear and tear. A common Blue Bomb has sunspots and its bumpers are in shambles. Many times other things on the car have went haywire as well. These cars have a tendency to not fire up in the morning when you need it most. Most of the time the owners of these cars work at Joey's Seafood and Grill. These owners experience severe pranks on their beloved car while they are working. Many times the car is left deserted after these acts.
OMG! My blue bomb is done for, someone busted it. Let me kick this bone!
by Davit McBarn March 07, 2006
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An often misused term. Correct use would be blues crash, see blues crashing. Which is blues dancing in a public place not meant for dancing.
Hey dude are we going to blues bomb the mall tonight? Dude stay up with the lingo, its blues crashing.
by lindyaholic March 14, 2010
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When you are interacting with a swing dancer and you suddenly discover that their preferred style of dance is creepy and their main motivation for dancing is to try and touch you in an inappropriate way.
Things were going well until she dropped the blues bomb
by lindystoner April 26, 2013
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The act of hovering over a port-o potty and getting splash back from the blue liquid when you take a dump resulting in blue bombing yourself.
Dude I just went blue bombing cause that seat in that port-o potty was so nasty. I blue bombed myself
by Papy Keefe February 07, 2014
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