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A word that is used in pretty much every sentence in the Middle East. Often accompanied by "sherpa" or other "durkas."
Durka Durka Sherpa Sherpa!!!
Oh, Durka.
Sherpa sherpa, Muhammad Gihad!!!
by Davit McBarn December 10, 2005
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A light blue 1993 Ford Tempo with lots of wear and tear. A common Blue Bomb has sunspots and its bumpers are in shambles. Many times other things on the car have went haywire as well. These cars have a tendency to not fire up in the morning when you need it most. Most of the time the owners of these cars work at Joey's Seafood and Grill. These owners experience severe pranks on their beloved car while they are working. Many times the car is left deserted after these acts.
OMG! My blue bomb is done for, someone busted it. Let me kick this bone!
by Davit McBarn March 07, 2006
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Word used to describe unusually flat-bottomed feet(flat-footedness). Typically these feet are great for water skiing but not great for running. Irons can be easily spotted by the total flatness of the bottom of the foot.
Davit: Wow! You have flat feet!
Zach: Yep, they're called irons.
Davit: Can you barefoot ski?
Zach: I'm the best at it!
by Davit McBarn January 26, 2006
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The drive thru guy at the Taco Bell in Burnsville, MN. If you ask any questions he will snap and act like you are the dumbest person alive. He obviously hates his job and is unhappy with his career path since he has to be in his late 30's. I will never order another Grande Meal from that Taco Bell again.
Customer: Does the Grande Meal come with a drink?
Taco Nazi: No, do you see a drink in the picture?
Customer: You're a Taco Nazi!
Taco Nazi: Do you want anything or not?
by Davit McBarn December 23, 2005
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