A generic car. If there ever was a car that was "the" generic car, The Ford Tempo was it. This car has either 2 or 4 doors and was made by Ford from 1983 (ish) to 1995 (ish) Some of the earlier Tempos had 4wd and some even had diesel, the lucky ones had both. But most Ford Tempos were powered by a 92 hp gasoline engine which drove the front wheels. Stick or Auto were available. Although some of the cars had 2 doors, it is in no way, shape, or form a sports car. It is pretty slow and not powerful... not even a little bit. On certain models the top speed (or at least the top speed where the car is actually safe to drive) is about 120 kms/h. This was an Automatic gasoline Tempo. For the 4wd and the Diesel Tempo's the top speed may be different. Standard or manual Tempos top out at about 140-150 km/h.
Do not street race that Ford Tempo, you'll lose for sure to the Yugo
by Will at Karens place October 09, 2005
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