when something or someone irritates or aggravates you.
math blows me! or im not going to class, that class be blowin me maan!!
by LRMusic April 15, 2009
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when something just is so surprising , this is the only phrase.

or when you hear something so incredibly stupid
wow, this episode of Naruto Shippuden just blows me
what kakashi sensei just said blows me
by mori_darkness April 8, 2017
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When someone is irritating or annoying you
You blowing me
by Shy2018 April 17, 2018
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1. Command- Perform oral sex upon me.

2. Taunt- similar to f*ck you. a sign of disrespect
1. Hey I'm feelin' horny, why don't you get on your knees and blow me.

2. Hey buddy, if you don't like my attitude, you can blow me
by bonereater84@yahoo.com February 25, 2006
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yet another way to go tell someone to fuck themself
by shelly February 11, 2003
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Like somebody annoying me or doing a lil to much
Like bro your really blowing me chill out
by Nayahboo December 30, 2020
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Just those two words you say when you cant be bothered arguing with someone.
"Stop being such an asshole, your so self centered and" (interuption by you) "oh blow me!"
by Adampfdaman June 19, 2005
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