A quickie blow job. Used exclusively for when you don't have time for more scandelous activities.
"Honey, I told my wife I'd meet her for dinner at 6:30, it's already 7:00! Where's my blow and go so I can get outta here"
by Jhoe December 13, 2005
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when a girl doesn't finish the blow,
its called a PENGUIN
because the guy will start chasing her,and since his pants are by his ankles he's gona hop after her "like a penguin"
by yossi nosnip November 19, 2004
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Blow and go” refers to the act of completing a task quickly so one can move to the next task. The origin relates to the building of the transcontinental railroad where railroad teams used explosives to blow tunnels through the Sierra Nevada Mountains to lay track.

More recent railroad references relate to performing a brake test before a locomotive departs a rail yard. The conductor will receive a “blow and go” before departing after the test has been performed.
“Once we get the plans stamped we need to blow and go.“

“We can’t waste time, we need to blow and go on these projects.“
by Railroad History Buff February 3, 2020
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She gives her man a blow job...then leaves!
Hey honey I'm in a hurry...I have a date...how about a blow and go? LOL
by funluvr69 January 17, 2011
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when you have multiple DUIs and a breathalizer is attached to your vehicle by the police in order to start your car
I've had about 15 beers, will you please breathe into my blow and go so i can drive home?
by jennifah September 29, 2006
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