Bloody Tampon - The Vampires equivalent of a Tea bag
Vampire 1: Pint of blood please.
Bartender: ok
Vampire 2: Plain water please
Bartender: Why just plain water?
"Vampire 2 pulls out a Bloody Tampon"
Vampire 2: I'm making tea ;)
by [-:.Andrew W.E.:-] February 11, 2010
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wanna be whiteboy $7o6 (blood). called bloody tampon cuz they white and wearin red. KSWISS homie specially them bloody tampons thinkin they hard
"look at that white $7o6 tryna act hard, $tupid a$$ bloody tampon"
"$hi7 ^FOLK^ h3 633N tryna d347 oN our $tr33t$, tim3 fo him to g3t hit!"
by 7$AC3$4 March 11, 2010
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a bloody tampon which is frozen in ones freezer to become a frozen.
"I was over ay Emily's house last night and she had a freezer of bloody tampon popsicles."
by CUNT FUCKER March 9, 2005
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When you take used, bloody tampons and while holding them by the string, spin them around over your head. Splattering the walls with period blood, your mom will love your handywork around the house.
Dude, I totally just put up some bloody tampon wallpaper in my sister's room. She's gonna love it.
by bloorjoorbgunt September 28, 2010
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A used tampon placed in a plastic bag. The person who carries bloody tampon contraband is eager to be searched. Repeat offenders often carry bloody tampon contraband to discourage unlawful searches by police and other authorities.
I hope that cop tries to search me again, this time I got a present for him. When he reaches in my pocket this time all he is gonna find is bloody tampon contraband.
by clausemic November 4, 2012
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See Bloody Tampon

A bloody tampon stored at 0 degrees Celsius for a year, which makes it form in large clumps.
by CharlesManson October 21, 2003
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the art of putting marshmallows inside a girl's twat, kicking and/or punching the twat until it bleeds, then pulling the marshmallows out and eating them, as if they resembled bloody tampons
Guy 1: Dude i was at Tiffany's house last night and i gave her the bloody tampon eater

Guy 2: Dudeeee, *stunned*, did you make her bleed heavily?

Guy:1 Yeah man, they looked like strawberries
by Bitch Nuggettt April 28, 2010
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