Veins being visible in the eyes. It's a common side affect of marijuana use.
"Dude, your eyes are super-bloodshot. You had any weed recently?"
by Synthme May 9, 2010
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A bloody ejaculation or cumshot, typically caused by trauma to the testicles such as torsion, surgery, or lighting your crotch on fire an then having someone stomp it out.
Dude, I had a vasectomy three days ago and I'm still putting bloodshot on my wife's face. The clots are kinda gross.
by It really happened to me August 3, 2010
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When you cry so much because things get too heavy
I’m sorry I can’t stop crying I have those bloodshot eyes. It’s all my fault.
by SheLostTheOne February 25, 2018
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the act of blood being propelled out of a female's vagina during menstruation.
John seriously reconsidered his decision to get his red wings after taking a vaginal bloodshot to the face.
by napes April 3, 2006
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Being absolutely stoned, to the point you start talking in new age hippy speak.
"Man, that last bong hit made my third eye bloodshot. Now, how do we start planning for world peace?"
by Hippyfox November 22, 2017
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Sarah when high and egg house also killed her bestfriend
Sarah is a bloodshot dumbass, would hate to be her!
by Niglitgod April 28, 2020
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