An amazingly close friend you would do anything for and so to show this take a blood pact. You both put a small cut in your hand so it bleeds a little and then shake hands, so you swap a little blood.
Sam: Well Andy we have been friends for 10 years now and you know i would do anything for you.

Andy: I know same here

Sam: How about we take a pact?

Andy:Yeah!What about a blood pact?

Sam: Okily Dokily

*both cut in to there hands*

*They shake Hands*

Andy: Now were not just friends we are "BLOOD BROTHERS"
by pink power ranger July 6, 2006
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To further escalate your friendship with a male counterpart and become related; in order to do this you must be in the same orifice as your friend at the exact same time . Also know as a train! Chu-Chu Motherfucker. I REPEAT THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO BECOME KIN.
Bro are you wanna be my blood brother?!
Friend: I thought we already were!
Naw you're my best friend but to be my blood brother we gotta run a train together!
by bashy flashy cashy July 21, 2020
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a guy who goes about making little children smile throughout the galaxy. He's a friendly character, and has a heart of gold. It is rumored that during every Christmas, he gives away abundances of polish sausages and ham to all the hungry children of the world.
Blood Brother is every childs imaginary friend
by Jon P August 5, 2005
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An experimental post-hardcore band that is loved by many. Its members are in several side projects which include head wound city, neon blonde, and soiled doves.
by sisco July 27, 2006
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The Blood Brothers, a truely amzing band that really has no set genre. I love the classy lyrics and they just send out a positive and right image... If we all listened to The Blood Brothers the world would be a better place.....
"Burn, Piano Island, Burn..."

"Johnny.... wanna see me in a dress?"
by Luke Luciano March 17, 2005
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very good band. listening to them is an intense musical experience. yet, their lyrics alone read like surrealist poetry.
one of their latest:

There's a girl in a cage,
making love to a switchblade.
There's a man behind bars,
milking abandoned cars.
There's a priest in shackles,
building bombs out of bibles.
And piano wire vines and the men in the pines.
That spin round, and round, and round, and round, and round.

(come on, come on!)
Take me to the pit of celebrity pregancies.
(come on, come on, come on!)
I wanna wear the skin of a magazine baby.
(come on, come on!)
Take me to the pit of broken faces.
(come on, come on, come on!)
the five o'clock news is a fucking fantasy.
by Apostrophe Loon January 16, 2005
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one of the most innovative and original bands ever. described as the new At The Drive-In by many. They originated in the NW hardcore scene and now have an ever-growing following.
Tom:Sugar i'd come over but your coffee tastes like the clap.
Jerry:click, click, bang, bang, kiss the siamese gun click, click, bang, bang.
Max: The way you walk, you walk out of order. the way you talk, you talk out of tune.
by Dm September 13, 2004
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