A person who stands there and does literally nothing.
Joe, stop being a block.
by Eyecouldsee November 18, 2014
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To behave bad intended to shame an individual.....Bajan and Eastern Caribbean term
If you tell my girlfriend about our little fling I will come by your house and block
by blkjac37 October 01, 2011
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it's another word for has plain and simple ...or maybe i just made it up? you'll never know. but seriously i didn't it's a common term used in new castle dont hate dont hate
can i have half an ounce of block please?
by spoofy March 31, 2005
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a glock that you fround on your street so just pick that new block up
aye boy i just got this new block
by thaboiglo October 01, 2020
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