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Blm stands for black lives matter.This is commonly used when black people are being killed due to police brutality.
by Butimaginehowtiredweare May 31, 2020
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Blm means the TRUE concept that black lives matter and nobody should be treated differently because of their race it also can be used as a verb or adjective to describe something that happened because of someone's race.
by 123Tony June 5, 2020
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An organization filled with domestic terrorists that rioted, looted, and burned down half the country under the guise of social justice. Used as a political weapon by leftist politicians who called it "mostly peaceful" and let them do absolutely what ever they wanted in order to win over the woke crowd and gain votes for the democratic party, even if involved illegal vandalism, theft, and arson. Defunded the police in several cities after claiming that every cop in the United States is a bloodthirsty, racist killer and then watched as violent crime rates dramatically increased.
Steve: Oh no! Someone broke into our house and is attempting to kill us!
Bill: Call the police!
Steve: We can't. BLM defunded them, remember?
Bill: Oh, right! Now what?
Steve: I guess we die.

All while Seattle goes up in flames.
by TellTheTruth... September 8, 2021
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Hey what’s blm? I think it’s a McDonald’s promotion. Must be a good promotion what are they selling? A big large Mac they say that it’s so good it’s causing people to burn down houses because of the great taste. Hmm want one. Bet
by Gabe alls February 21, 2021
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Biden’s laptop matters

The term is very popular in the United States there has been hundreds of riots causing chaos over this. people are standing up to the injustice of blm ✊🏿
BLM ✊🏿 We are gonna go loot stores till we see what was on that laptop
by Uno dos November 12, 2020
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B=black l=lives m=matter
Black lives matter

Everyone is the same inside just because they don’t look the same as you doesn’t mean you can be racist.
Blm because police are killing and harming them in some countries like America this should be stopped.
by m e l k June 12, 2020
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