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A slang term to signify the hypothetical clitoris of a boy. Often used in reference to the penis in submissive intercourse.
“That boy was burning rubber with his blit!”

“I told him I wasn’t going to watch RuPaul until my blit was picked”
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by Minty Tramp May 03, 2019
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Type of slang; The combination of "blessed" and "lit"; Something to say to adults to confuse the shit outta them
Tina: How was the party last night?
Summer: Oh it was "blit"
by Unknown Trash September 04, 2016
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Blit, noun.

1.A malicious, evil, unpleasant, selfish or otherwise contemptible person.

(example: Timmy's mom is a blit.)

2.Anything difficult or unpleasant.

(example: This job is a blit.)

3.Any part of anything, whether ones body or a part of an object.

(example: Dude, if you don't stop I'm going to kick you in your blit.)
"Eh, it goeth swimmingly. I flaked a blit earlier in Westfall and the chakker fled like the scared blit he was."

A filler word usually for "bitch".
by Carpe Nocturn January 09, 2008
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Man at graft checks his lunch box: "Wor lass has give us the same sarnies again. I'm gonna kick her reet in the blit toneet."
by Rita and Sue September 11, 2009
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