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A magical flap of skin packed with nerve endings that exists just inside the anus of some special women, such as Natalie. One can also sing "Natalie butt clit" to the tune of the Living Spaces furniture store commercial theme.
Natalie came multiple times while being pumped in the butt because of her highly sensitive butt clit.
by bleefmasterdan June 30, 2008
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they fleshy patch of sensative skin in a homosexual mans asshole that is tickled when being penatrated.
wow jimmy is so gay he has a buttclit
oh ya fuck my buttclit!!!!
by Ray (mooch) November 05, 2006
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We believe that gay guys are born with a clitoris in their rectum, giving them sexual sensation during anal penetration.
Ray has a buttclit.
Mucci's buttclit is so loose from his assf**king
by Mucci November 02, 2006
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When a small amount of shit hangs out of someones ass male or female.
John: Damn girl I'm gonna put this dick in your ass!
Jane: Do it baby!
John: Ew bitch you've got a butt clit!
Jane: Sorry baby I need to shit.
by Dazizzle Bizzle June 26, 2009
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two rednecks who like to fuck each other after a night of cow tipping in north dakota
look at those two buttclit's go at it. hey, aren't they first cousins or something?
by the prophet March 24, 2003
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