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When a girl's nipples over shadow her areolas she ceases to have nipples. She has blipples.
Her blipples made it look as if two big ass prunes were accurately thrown at her chest.
by J.N. Growling July 02, 2010
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when one flatulates semen out of ones anus.
damnit gary, i should have never ate those beans last night before you fucked me in the ass... cause i blippled my boxers!
by 5j0j4 April 27, 2006
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a process by which one cuts off their nipple and part of thbe pectoral tissue resulting in LOTS of blood. all in all, a nasty thing.
After cutting off her tit, the blipple that Sara saw made her cry and keel over.
by S.B. August 28, 2003
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When you hold down an iPhone app, and it moves backwards and forwards, side to side
"Hey, how do I get rid of this app?"
"Hold down another app, until it blipples"
by Creator of cool words June 11, 2016
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