While your partner is blind folded, you whip out your cock and bat her so hard against the face it leaves a mushroom imprint.
“Put your blind fold on and get ready baby for this Blind Bat”
“Baby omg give me some Blind Bat, lemme see how strong that cock is.”
by Young Jazo December 5, 2019
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Used to say how person can be so non receptive
Dang.... i was as blind as a bat today

Devin, why are you as blind as a bat and cant see that no one likes you

Babyface is as blind as a bat
by Mr. Cluckerz November 18, 2016
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1. Old wive's phrase for one who is of poor eyesight. Actually a common misconception, as most bats (of the mammalian sort) have better eyesight than the average healthy human being.
"Hey four-eyes! You're as blind as a bat!" - Stupid Jock
by Track-10 January 15, 2003
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It is saying that you have the vision of a bat.
"you're as blind as a bat"
by DoneForG%?d April 5, 2016
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n. A douche nozzle driving at night without turning on their car's headlights.
"Watch out up ahead! There's a blind bat bee-lining right towards us!"

"Whoa, just dodged that blind bat in the nick of time!"
by Bachii07 April 16, 2012
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