A totally badass kid who doesn't give a damn about anything, and will beat the shit out of anyone who gets in his way. Comes from Jimmy Blevins in McCarthy's "All The Pretty Horses".
Person One: Holy shit that black kid just got facebroken by John!

Me: Yeah, John is a fuckin' Blevins.
by Jively July 14, 2009
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An expletive. It can be used in the place of "fuck", "damn", or "shit" when used in an exclamatory manner. Also, "Blevins" can be used in the phrase "FML" or "F my life", as "BML" or "Blevins my life", respectively.
Oh, Blevins!
Mother Blevins!
Blevins my life.
by crashitup June 22, 2009
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Not only the most awesomest art teacher/softball coach without emotions in the world, but also a spectacular adjective, meaning:
1. Cool
2. Wonderful
3. Fantabulous
4. Super awesome
Or any varients of the above.

The alternative to Blevins, is Not-Blevins.
Which is exactly what you think it is.
Greg had some very Blevins shoes.

Kelly's day was not-Blevins.

"Did you go to Gretchen's party? It was totally Blevins."
by 'Yena January 22, 2008
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Pronounced BUH-LEV-IN by southerners.

1: An easily entertained and comically inclined person with a remarkable ability to retain large quantities of trivial facts.

2: Someone with a tendency to lock themselves in their room to play nintendo games and order upwards of five pizzas for theirselves to eat in the dark alone.

3: Someone who calls people buddy with slightly too much enthusiasm.

4: Someone who thinks standing on an athletic field with water constitues being an athlete.

5: Someone who, after not showering for a few hours, begins to produce an awkward odor that often has the ability to fill a room with dimensions of up to 30ftx40ft.

Synonyms: Entertaining

Antonyms: Productive
#1: "He just went up to his mother with a pot on his head and told her he was a pothead."

#2: "What a Blevin."
by Selby Brown May 20, 2007
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The act of shitting one-self while experiencing a blow job; can be from a man or woman.
Is usually done on a Friday or Saturday night after consuming ridiculous amounts of alcohol with 'the boys'.
Originated from latin, see; blumpkin. Other variations include crumpkin.
Bruzzie 1: Man what did u do Friday night?

Bruzzie 2: Man I got a Blevin

Bruzzie 1: ... You are god. *speechless*
by Bruzzie 2 August 17, 2008
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Someone that can't take a joke to the point to ban people that make ligma jokes. Is hypocritical saying not to make fun of or bully anyone and proceeds to make fun of people and bully children and is still idolized because he is good at Fortnite.
Normie: "Yo, any idea why Tyler Blevins isn't talking to me anymore?"

Normie 2: "Probably because we made ligma jokes lol"
by Milk_Manish July 21, 2018
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