A literal God among men. He will slap you, your girlfriend, mother, father, brother and sister and what are you gonna do? Nothing, because he's The Blev and you'll get your shit rocked.
Dude yesterday I was outside and saw this absolute unit of a Blev knock some poor dude out
by SouthEastGerm July 23, 2019
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To waste time on nonsense. Proceed through the day without a commitment to responsibility.
My boss keeps missing meetings because he is blevving.

I bleved through this test.
by Kamantha September 18, 2014
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Blev is a nickname and shortened version of Gaming phenomenon Tyler Blevins, known by his aliasNinja’.
Person One: Hey! did you catch Blev’s new stream last night?

Person Two: Unfortunately not! Love some Blev Content though!
by alvinsimonandtheodore June 3, 2021
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A Blev is someone who is cringe or in general annoying, derived from the famous fortnite streamer, Ninja, who is commonly understood as a man who acts as a child and doesn't make funny jokes
"oi you know that new kid in school?"
"yeah but hes a bit of a blev"
by JoelHastings August 5, 2020
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When Tyler (Ninja) Blevins crawls through your window whilst you sleep and cums in your face. Then you wake up in the morning and realise your mistake of not locking your window.
"Aww donnie mate got The Blev last night, 4th time this week, really need better windows god fucking damn it"
by Repays August 2, 2019
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A very ignorant guy, he’s an idiot , a player, he only wants sex and he doesn’t know how to be a boyfriend. He also thinks he get can get so many girls even though he’s not even cute. He promises he loves you and then the day after you break up he has another girlfriend. He only uses 1% of his Brain Day.
Friend : yo blevs you should go pick up your girlfriend it’s pouring down raining.
Blevs: yeah she texted me and said she’s out there waiting. I’ll just get her in five minutes. Who cares? She’s just a girlfriend. There so many other girls I can get .
by Jacka**101 April 2, 2018
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Means you are in the process of manifesting a large sum of money.
Sarah, How are you?
Anonymous, I'm blev right now.
by BiggieVSTupac June 17, 2022
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