An amazing and wonderful girl. Smart, lovable, beautiful and would make any guy happy. She's gorgeous on the outside as well as in the inside. Musically gifted, adventurous, athletic, thoughtful, and funny. Loves and respects animals and nature and she values all forms of life. She knows how to be a friend. She's considerate of others and she can have a good time anywhere. She is also an amazingly good kisser. Lucky are those who are close to her.
Person1-who is she?

Person2-that's Bleu!!!
by TrueHeart February 6, 2010
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bleu is the best sneakerhead in the game he is hot as fuck and gets all the bitches
oh shit look at his drip
wait who is it, oh its bleu of course he is dripped
by iminlovewiththecoco77 February 29, 2020
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A word meaning the same thing as blue, but used by extremely annoying people in an attempt to sound sophisticated or possibly an attempt to get beat up.

(A person who uses this word is usually prone to using many sophisticated words that come together to form meaningless sentences.)
Normal Person- Oh, look at that painting. That looks nice.

Maurice- Yes, the artist knowingly displays a strong sense of emotion and vitality through the majestic brushstrokes.

Normal Person- Uhhh yeah.

Maurice- And notice the life of the painting, such a vibrant shade of bleu!
by Mark wD. January 15, 2007
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Bleu is that typical guy who gets along with most people , he tends to only hang around with one or two friends. He’s the type of guy who will turn a conversation into something dirty when talking to a girl. He can also be known as a Fuckboy so girls back of a bit.
Bleu: ah mate look over there, she’s fit.
Mate: go get her Bleu
by Jasmine Grace April 2, 2018
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A brat! She literally has a Dorito nose and onions for toes! I feel sorry if you know her because she will fart and talk about you all the time! Definitely ruins relationships! Is getting pregnant in 2020
Person one- eww who’s that stinky girl

Person two- THATS THE RAT (who’s preggo) BLEU
by The chicken dog December 16, 2019
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If your names bleu I feel bad. You’ve definitely been bullied through our school about your name. Your pretty much a batty Man and your mum done you dirty ( fleur )
Person 1: what a batty man

Person 2: he’s called bleu
Person 1: I feel bad why did his mum do that to him
by My son is called red March 13, 2019
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(Archaic, informal p.)
A word meaning blue.
The English word comes from proto-Germanic origin "bleu" which further derives from Proto-Indo European.
As with many words in English, it's derived from misspelling of Germanic words.Common spelling changes include
A bleu art work indeed?
Certainly, blue
by Roybook August 25, 2017
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