stereotypical Fr. oath, 1869, from Fr. sacré bleu, lit. "holy blue," a euphemism for sacré Dieu (1768), "holy God."
by Timotheus1969 October 15, 2006
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A faggy Disney Channel Star Of the week, who is characterized by his poofy hair and awkwardly homosexual dancing.

See also uncle tom and acceptable negro
Corbin Bleu is a disgrace to all black people.
by 40Cal September 17, 2007
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Means high quality, litarly blue ribbon. A possible explanation of the orgin of the words meaning is that at competions in France the winner would get a blue ribbon, hence blue ribbon became to be associatied with the best.
Marcus: Last month I went to a nice little bistroesque restaurant on the hilltop overlooking the city, had an exquisite Buridda (Italian dish from Liguria), accompanied with an equally fine wine and a fabulous date.

Jacques: So, in other words a dinner cordon bleu

Marcus: Pretty much
by Earl of Warwick July 16, 2017
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A Disney actor/singer/songwriter. Absolutely amazing in every possible way. He sings like an angel, he's a great actor, he's one of the few guys out there that can dance, and ohh my God, he is SOOO effing hot. His hair, his eyes....ahhhhhhh i love him. Anyone who says he is gay is downright pathetic and homophobic to boot. He is not gay. Whoever said "push it to the limit" is about him and Zac Efron doing you know what is incredibly immature and sick minded. Anyone with brains knows that's not the case. He's changed a lot since High School Musical; his songs are more mature and meaningful now (listen to Moments that Matter--amaaaazing song)
In a nutshell, a heterosexual, talented, and ridiculously hot Disney actor/singer/songwriter.

My fiance.
My future husband.
I effing love everything about him.
Kevin: Corbin Bleu's gay!!!
Rachel: No he's not. Unfortunately for you. Now will you please get a life????!
by i_effing_love_corbin_bleu August 4, 2009
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1. actor in HSM and HSM2, who sings gay songs like "get'cha head in the game". characterized by his kinky fro, choker necklaces, and homosexual longing for that bitch ass nigga zac efron.

2. when a black person fails to live up to their black potential. mainly, when they act white.
1. "that bitch corbin bleu is hurtin for zac efron's tiny penis."

2. nigga 1: "i'm going out for the hockey team this year."
nigga 2: "i always knew you were a corbin bleu-ass nigga."
by bootsy1978 September 17, 2007
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the sexxxxxyyyyyyyy guy from highschool musical on disney channel. he was also on catch that kid and lots of other ish... did i mention hes sexy?
my futture husband.
corbin bleu is sexy. =
by asdfghjkl;ewgwegAWQ April 19, 2007
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Holy cow, holy shit. Originates from the French language. Also can be found as: sacré bleu or sacrebleu.
Person A: SACRE BLEU! That guy is fcking hot.
Person B: Sacre bleu! Hell no. He's hella ugly.
by sacrebloodybleuitslorena December 7, 2004
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