Blaney – a tea-spitting chubaluba, who is found in Slovakia. This strange creature sneaks up on people in starbucks and drops over sized peanuts into their beverages. Afterwards she will retreat back to the woods to feast upon moss and 4 leaved clovers found by river. Blaney will make a den to stay in and make it all cosy for her and her babies the ooga-boogasto live in.
‘’Oh no! There is an over sized peanut in my beverage’’
‘’That must of been the work of a Blaney’’
by LeahCalder March 23, 2009
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It's fronin in here, I need a blaney!
by Carrie February 25, 2005
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Someone who is rly annoying and has sex with every boy she sees
Do you see that girl she is such a Sophie Blaney
by Bouncytitties69 May 10, 2020
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Isabel B is the most beautiful attractive person you will ever meet. And a great actor. She can talk super fast and is obsessed with any musical. Isabel B loves anything with cheese on it and will marry you if you buy her fresh mozzarella cheese. She is funny, obnoxious (in a cute way),outgoing, and very full of herself. If you know Isabel Blaney you are one lucky dude.
Man 1: Bro, I’m dating Isabel Blaney!!
Man 2: omg bro you are so lucky!!
by Jerrythebear March 10, 2018
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A guy with a spanish wife who uses her as a cover up for easy access to unsuspecting child victims
George : oh shit, mr blaney is coming!
Ronnie : run before he takes you to the blaney dungeon!
by BigRonnie597 October 31, 2020
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A "Blaney" is a person in the construction field of Irish descent who attempts to be a hertosexual in the public's eye while at work, but goes full monty gay when the clock strikes 4
Did you see John ? That dude is Blaney all day long.

OMG Its 4 o'clock he's going to go Blaney.
John lives the Blaney life.
by RAMLANDGOAT November 13, 2018
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