3 definitions by RAMLANDGOAT

Deviant sexaul act that involves a chihuahua and whipped cream being placed in the crotch area.
My date last night was a freak she creamhuahua'd my dog
by RAMLANDGOAT January 19, 2018
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A "Blaney" is a person in the construction field of Irish descent who attempts to be a hertosexual in the public's eye while at work, but goes full monty gay when the clock strikes 4
Did you see John ? That dude is Blaney all day long.

OMG Its 4 o'clock he's going to go Blaney.
John lives the Blaney life.
by RAMLANDGOAT November 13, 2018
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An act where a stripper wraps her thighs around a patrons neck
That dancer has a stranglehold on tbat dude.
by RAMLANDGOAT January 19, 2018
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