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South African version of "bloody", used as an expletive to describe the intensity of a situation or thing.
Ay! You bladdy bliksem!
Get out the bladdy way!
You bladdy arsehole!
This bladdy car won't start.
by Necrosys June 6, 2016
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Did you see the bladdy with his cute kid?
by Palmsz April 7, 2010
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Used when explaining conversation. Such as to make a long sotry short.
and my mom was like ,"Go wash the dishes and bladdy-bladdy-blah."
by uBERgL00 November 15, 2003
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expression meaning one loves or "laves" a certain thing, said in an amusing accent. love
Martha: I had a whole packet of oreos for tea
Moistula: Wow, bladdy lave that.. nom nom nom
by Moistula March 2, 2010
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