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Acne on a black person.

It differs from a white person's acne because a white person's acne is either red or pink, whereas a black person's acne is really nasty and greasy and is the same color of their skin.
You hardly notice it until you get up close, and then you see the ten thousand shiny little white tipped bumps on their forehead. Gross.
Terrence: "Damn, son! Loshonda's ass is fine!"
Bon Qui Qui: "Yeah, but she got some ill-ass blackne."

Kooladria: "Langquasha's face is so greasy, girl!"
Watermelondrea: "Yeh, das' becuz she got dat blackne all o'er her fo-head.
by Billy-Bob bo Fiddly October 05, 2010
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The small, red bumps found on the neck of people who do not know how to shave properly, typically of African American descent.
Yo, that's some foul blackne
by Spillbeer July 24, 2003
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Gosh, Morgan Freeman sure has some weird Blackne.
My penis is having some kind of weird reaction after I fucked the shit out of that black booty of Shawntel. I hope it is not Blackne.
by 4pple5 h0m0 November 21, 2011
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