A blackade is a very large crowd of black girls and/or guys blocking a hallway in school or any other place. It can be very annoying at times when trying to get to somewhere in a hurry, especially when they start yelling at you for no other reason than getting knocked over by themselves.
Bob: Man, I really have to get to math class. O crap Its a blackade!

Black girl: AWWW HELL NAW
by nocoffee4me May 29, 2005
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To be obstructed from movement at normal speed by the presence of slow-moving African Americans intent on monopolizing the entire sidewalk, escalator, hallway, etc...
I would have been here sooner, but I got blackaded.
by Sharty July 17, 2012
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An impermeable barricade resulting from the entire black community congregating in a hallway
"I was late to 3rd period because there was a massive blackade in the middle of the hallway. SMH at those crazy niqqas!"
by ,,.,, October 17, 2011
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A group of black people preventing white people to pass.
"Jimmy why are you late in class?"
"Sorry miss there is a blackade outside."
by poepoeppoep February 17, 2021
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noun: Blackader; plural noun: Blackaders
derives from a combination of the words Black and Crusader

1. a black person who does everything in his/her power to make literally everything seem racist against black people
2. any black person who doesn't accept equality among humans
Robby: Remember that spoof music video 'white and nerdy'?
Billie: Yea?
Robby: I heard a Blackader is complaining because it "demeans" 'black people'
Billie: That's outrageous!
by WhatKandaKFC March 10, 2019
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