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Black Lives Matter: The social movement advocating the view that the lives of blacks-matter more than other lives to include those who are the victims of black on white crime.
In an effort to draw attention to their questionable cause, representatives of Black Lives Matter set about disrupting activities at social and political events across the United States in 2015 and then , to their supreme mystification, were befuddled by the backlash they generated which they attributed to racisim.
by Wood Bee Righter April 02, 2016
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An embarrassing movement for African American equality that only furthers racial discrimination by self separation of Black Americans from their country. However practicing the right of freedom of speech, while discriminating against ALL other races within the country. Racial discrimination has always been present in the United States of America and has jeopardised the Unity of the Nation. Proving that race only becomes an issue when a person is put into a category of skin color rather than Nationality.
American: "So you are protesting for equality of Americans?"
Protester: "No, I am protesting for Black American Equality."
American: "So you are separating yourself from a Nation United under one flag that has given you the right to do so without facing criminal punishment, yet deface that same flag?"
Protester:"Yes... I think?"
Black Lives Matter!
by cushybushy January 25, 2016
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A term coined by democrats and black people to justify the outrage over the killings of thugs like Michael Brown.
LaMarque: Yo bruh you get the new Black Lives Matter t-shirt?
Dwayne: Nah it's just another way for blacks to be racist without looking it.
*LaMarque kills Dwayne and gets shot by a cop, further promoting this bullshit racist movement*
by DietDoritos December 04, 2015
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A cause that allows violent criminals to hide behind a cloak of discrimination and racial profiling and use scenarios where drug dealers, gangbangers thugs, etc are killed by police as an excuse to hurt and kill white people and steal flat screen TVs. Protestors in this movement are able to protest at any time do to lack of employment. Members of this cause use their 1st amendment rights to openly express their desire to carry out terroristic plots and murder because they are sick and tired of white cops killing their criminals.
*Yo, quandre!
-Sup my nigga!
*Dawg I'm mad as fuck!
-Yo why you trippin?
* Po Po pulled me over last night while I was creepin through a white neighborhood with my lights off. They got me for expired tag and no insurance and then found my weed.

-Damn yo, das fuck'd up
*Hell yeah, I wish I could buss a cap in his sorry ass but I ain't tryna go to jail.
- You won't have to go to jail Dawg, just join black lives matter and you can kill and steal all you want.
*Fo real nigga, bet!
by Dirk sizlak July 20, 2016
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A slogan, created by civil rights protestors, used to deflect attention away from the fact that while black lives matter as much as any other lives, lives of hoodlums and criminals are put at risk primarily by their behavior, not their skin color or genetic makeup.
Brian: Hey, did you get your Black Lives Matter tee shirt yet?
John: No, why should I?
Brian: Gotta support the cause bro
John: I'm wearing a green tee shirt with no writing on it at the moment. I think it sends the same message, only worded more elegantly.
Brian: Damn bro, that's bordering on racism
John: Well, white lives matter as much as black lives
Brian: Now that's completely racist
John: Pass the merlot, Dr. King
by FriendOrFlake November 29, 2014
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A failed attempt to stop racism by implying that black people are more important than anyone else.
Racist white person: I wish all black people were dead
Racist black person: Black lives matter more than whites man
Not racist person: Mate, why you all so racist?
Racist idiot: It's racist to shoot a black person
by APersonInOZ July 18, 2016
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The stuff left after the coroner cleans up from a gangsta shooting.
Man, there was a whole Lotta blacklivesmatter on the street afta that shootin, damn!
by JerryRyan September 05, 2016
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