the monday after thanksgiving weekend when all businesses are open and people start buying from these businesses and shipping their purchases from black friday and the weekend for family and friends. The beginning of the busy season for the shipping industry.
after the four day thanksgiving weekend I sent out all the shit I bought after thanksgiving to the relatives on black monday.
by disgruntled box processor November 21, 2009
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When your black co-workers miss Mondays Cause there too hungover from there shlitz malt liqour too come in for work!!!
Hey john wheres shawn at? Hahahha dude its black monday!!!

Oh yeah!!!!!!
by jr faber November 02, 2009
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The first Monday after the 4th of July weekend. Called this because by this time people have to start going back to work so there's no more fireworks being lit off, so the smoke clears and everything is seemingly "blacker."
guy waking up:AHMAHGAD what happened to the side of the house!
wife:oh honey it's just black monday
guy waking up:oh ok, where's breakfast?
by dmoney52806 July 10, 2008
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The day when clients gets crazy trying to buy stuff online and workers get crazy trying to keep the servers up.
- Aren't you excited about black monday?
- Not at all, I always have to work 20 hours that frickin day!
by derickgt November 26, 2007
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