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A great title for a porn franchise
Man I've seen some good porno in my day. .but you need to go check out new York cock Exchange (black monday) it's the best!
by Potentialwasted June 28, 2015

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A trampage is when a guy or girl goes on a sexual rampage. It's usaly following a breakup. Most likely of a long serious relationship. It is the best way to get your swag back!
My divorce was really getting me down! It's a good thing that I went on that tramppage, I feel 100%beter!
by Potentialwasted July 15, 2015

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A guy who breaks out his guitar any chance he gets,even though he sucks at playing it! Can't be joking he has to belive he is killing it!
That bonfire was going really well until that guy broke out his guitar. He pulled an Eddie -van-failing on that night!
by Potentialwasted July 07, 2015

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The ability to determine how crazy a person is upon first meeting them.
That girl was so fine...but my cray-dar was going off the charts..
by Potentialwasted June 25, 2015

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