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1. Bitumen is black, tar-like substance which will cause a fit of the giggles in Science lessons (depending upon ones mood), as it is pronounces, "bitch-umen".
It is the pronounciation of this oil-waste that lead on from it's original definition, as 'bitumen' can in fact, be the source of many inside jokes aimed at those oblivious to those who lack a sense of humour and thus cannot tell when you have just reffered to them as a 'bitch' via the word 'bitumen'

2. It sounds as though it should be a type of Pokémon
1. Samantha, "You're such a bitumen!"
Lindsay, "Say whaaa'?"

2. Ash, "I choose you, Bitumon!"
by Ol' Jayson August 23, 2010
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One of the greatest bands in the world. With singles such as 'we cant be arsed', 'smooshieing', '10 minutes until the bell will ring', 'german', 'mr maclellan is a pedo', 'la da la dum dum ded dum', 'random word song' and MANY others.

The history of the band begins in a biology lesson with Mrs Paterson and two talented girls found that they were bored and invented a band. Those two girls became the founding members. The name 'bitumen' comes from the periodic table and Bitumen happened to be the one which sounded best. Since then, they have preformed at a wide variety of gigs including in the school canteen, school lockers,english and german classrooms and outside Marks and Sparks.

Bitumen always write their own songs and play their own instuments, although some would say that the kazoo is not a real instument. They are wrong. OH, and by the way, the tune to 'la da la dum dum ded dum' was not stolen off David Charnley.

'man... i cannot get that bitumen song out of my head!'
'well.. thats probably beacuse they're the best band ever.'
by Colette March 19, 2004
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