A small township in east Orange County, Florida. Known for its Hiney Winery (The only wine that comes in a can!) and high-rate of cow-related accidents.
Bithlo is full of Bithlonians.

Dude, you're from Bithlo? I'm so sorry.
by R.A.S. aka Maddog3060 August 1, 2003
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Located in Central Florida. A tiny, belagured collection of trailer parks, scrapyards, hadji marts and various bits of rusted metal loosely organized into something that's supposed to resemble a town.

When driving from Whorelando, Bithlo is the shitty redneck hamlet one passes right before they enter another shitty redneck town called Christmas.

Hence, Bithlo is sometimes called "The Nightmare Before Christmas".
On my way to Whorelando, I stopped by the CircleK in Bithlo, where I was harassed for sex by a toothless, shirtless redneck.
by Dovetchka December 25, 2005
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Noun. A person who rules the Township of Bithlo Florida. Known as being the king of all rednecks.
Did you see the Bithlo Banger last night? He fit 13 hot dogs in his mouth AND finished his beer at the same time!
by E.plurUnum September 10, 2019
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A flu like illness that often goes undiagnosed. One contracts this by spending copious amounts of time in and around Bithlo, Florida. Symptoms include high fever, coughing, headache, sneezing and stuffy nose.
My teacher was out sick last week with the Bithlo Crud.
by Quarantine Carrier February 16, 2014
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