A particularly submissive breed of male with feminine characteristics. A Winery will sweep any girl or guy off of their feet and appear to cherish them tenderly, however this is not the case as Winery only wishes to spike them and steal their organs. Winery’s also have the tendency to be explosive and will often shart their pants in public.
Sparkling Ale - OMG Winery is such a nice and sincere guy!

Double Agent - I’d be careful the last Winery stole my ex boyfriend uterus
Sparkling Ale - He is definitely a keeper, who needs kidney’s anyway?
by possum master January 18, 2020
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When you sit on the toilet so long, the water turns into steam and condenses on your ass.
That was one massive dingleberry winery, I had to wipe both cheeks.

That dump was so massive, you turned that bathroom into a dingleberry winery.
by Angrylolrus November 02, 2010
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