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A great tracker that began in 2006 as a sister site of Underground Gamer, staffed by UG staff members. It had an excellent repository of many torrents both for consoles and PC gamers alike. It eventually grew into a 65,000 member community and continued on until New Year's Eve, 2013. considered by many to be one of the largest game specific torrent sites of it's time, however, many members were forced to go to other torrent sites that were much smaller, since it was taken down without any warning due to potential legal climate. As one long-time member quoted, it was roughly equivalent to, " Having a full cruise ship crash on the beach of an island the size of a 2 bedroom apartment." Bitgamer was essentially the best online community for gaming piracy since it was very lenient on its requirements and restrictions, the community was friendly, and very productive. Reactions were somewhat mixed with the majority being shocked when the site shut down, but it was probably for the best, and I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did, considering all the website did for the community and how friendly it was.
personabG : Hey, remember bitGAMER?

persona2 : Yeah, it was pretty damn cool.
by Bartacus January 01, 2013
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A very good private tracker that are for games from year 2000.

This site has a lot of seeders and you'll always get good speeds on nearly every torrent.
To get in you have to get invited by someone you either know or some random person you ask.

You will most likely have to show a proof, like a ratio.
There are also golden torrents, torrents that you can download without taking a hit on your ratio. :)
by Daniellynet November 23, 2009
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