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This is in reference to people who participate in any activity.Although more specifically to people who play any kind of sport or athletic hobby and tend to constantly complain or find excuses, or make up problems in order to escape doing this certain activity. Even though most of these excuses/problems are ridiculous or easily solved.
Bitchnigga: Hey man i cant go to practice today my arms hurt
Teammate:alright well make sure to come tomorrow
Bitchnigga:(the next day) hey man cant come today my legs started hurting

Teammate:alright...tomorrow then
Bitchnigga: hey man im feeling great but my my cat died so cant come today
teammate: ....ok

Example two:
bob: hey is jimmy coming to practice
Jerry: nah, jimmy has a bad case of bitchniggaitis
Example three:
Billy:so did danny finally breakup with his gf after she cheated on him
Tony:nope, he has a bad case of bicthniggaitis
by dontcomplain July 18, 2014
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