1. The state of having 7,926,327,890 people living on the same planet as you yes having absolutely zero bitches

2. A sad state of being constantly made fun of in the group chat for not having bitches

3. Being Spidey.
"I can't believe it, I'm officially bitchless."

"You're giving Spidey a run for his money."
by Swædoughnim February 14, 2022
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1 - The average Genshin Impact player.

2 - The state of having no bitches

3 - The experience (or lack of) never having a woman's touch
"Yo Gloria I heard you play Genshin Impact? I didn't know you were bitchless."
by noircore April 7, 2022
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Having no female friends on your little cock
Nate and Connor are bitchless, as always
by bitchless November 11, 2020
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Having no hoes on your little cock
Caleb and Jackson are always bitchless. They seem to get no butt.
by Thebuttman69 February 25, 2022
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