an extreme moment of acomplishment, happiness, or celebration
Joe says, "hey guys i just lost my virginity"....guys say "Bitch en dude"
by Tom Da BomB June 28, 2007
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How idiots spell the word "Bitchin'".
Idiot: Hey man, I had a bitchen party last night!!!1!
Intellectual: I believe you meant "bitchin'". Idiot.
by nicoleninja May 23, 2010
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A room that consists of a bedroom and a kitchen combined. Where your woman can cook for you and have sex with you. And if she's really talented, both at the same time.
"When we was done gettin it on, I smacked that ass and she stood right up and started cookin me some eggs in our newly renovated bitchen"

"Damn, she was doin work in the bitchen this morning. She was makin some bread and I was makin some buns in the oven if you know what im sayin"
by Daniel Smith aka Dislexsik Dan February 08, 2010
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