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generic movies where some woman loses her husband and is stuck in the middle of drama with two men that she likes but is still conflicted by the memory of her dead husband but still manages to sleep with both of the men. Twice. Then she gets knocked up and doesn't know who the father is but, it all works out.
GUY: Hey what are doing?

GIRL: Watching 13 Going on 30

GUY: OH god I hate bitch flicks!
by Rapalaman69 July 18, 2009
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a movie that all bitches wana see young old ugly fat skinny shawty giraffe oger slow stupid smart kinky slutty you name it ...

"sex and the city"
Hey has your gf tried taking you to that new bitch flick sex and the city ?
by MD_STYLEZ May 31, 2008
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