The cup that is in the middle of a rack in beer pong.
*Shoots Ball*

Dude, you just made the bitch cup
by XPrivateXRyanX July 07, 2010
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Bitch cup is a game played amongst college kids. A game of pong with a twist to stack the opponent standing next to you.
Grant, do you want to play bitch cup??
by tittiepiercingsss November 24, 2018
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when your bitch gets out of line, she needs a smack. so if she starts bleeding, you drain it into the bitch cup.
by charlie frap December 27, 2009
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A girl at a party, where drinking is involved, who sits or stands like a lost ass bitch conviently holding cups.
Guy 1: Man, where are the cups?
Guy 2: Go find the cup bitch
by AmIRealTho January 25, 2018
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No we all know when somebody be acting like a b**** sipping on cups. They be dranking acting morely like a stuck up bitch. The first letters of the person doing this is M. Proven fact
Person 1: Hey Mike what you doing?
Person 2: oh you know just being a brand new bitch sippin on cups.
Person 1: oh I forgot your name is Mike.

Person 2: duh silly
by SportyObject5 September 02, 2021
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