A man that is heart broken or got played by a female

A man have a Evil eye toward female
Don”t be mad at me because i get pussy and you over there bitch broke

You bitch broke. You need a hug .

Y’all over there bitch broke , just step yo game up
by Jody_216 August 16, 2020
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A word that defines us pretty ladies who can't stop shopping and even though we have no money.

Created by meghanrosette/istalkmeghan of youtube.com
Girl 1: Wanna go shopping?
Girl 2: You know we're both pretty bitch broke!
Girl 1: And you're point is...
by laurarella October 16, 2011
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Let's go to the club. I ain't got no money. Damn you a broke bitch.
by J.J. September 10, 2003
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Bitches who are so broke, they resort to depending on a man.for example, some strippers who fuck for money. Not all do. Women who are lazy mostly and let life happen to them
Strippers who fuck to make a living. Strippers/broke bitches who fuck because money makes them persay "cum".
by jermainemyrn November 7, 2013
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Nothing to do with money. A broke bitch is a a motherfucker who is on some fuck shit and ain’t bout shit, doin shotty ass cheap shit.
Rachel - “Can I have lasts nights homework again?”
Jermaine - “it’s everyday bro, get outta here you a broke bitch
by TheThotTerminator February 21, 2019
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a girl who fucks a lot of guys and is a cock craver. you can usualy tell if a girl is broke by looking at her face alone. also refered to as a "bb" if ur around one of them and dont want them to know what ur talking about.
damn im feelin kinda horny tonite, i think im gonna call up that broke bitch kelly and get my fuck on.
by shane941 March 23, 2007
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The broke guy w/ no $ who complains about everything being uncool and not worth his time instead of just admitting he has no $, hence, he is a broke bitch poutin'.

Disgruntled, he hates on everything he can't afford, which is everything, since he is realistically unemployed. He frequently rips on other women's appearances to bolster his shattered self esteem, as his broke self is relegated to zero to fat/ugly women himself.

Broke Bitch Poutin's frequently have hobbies which they call their profession (frequently the music industry: band, recording engineers, pretty much any kind of 'artist').
#1: Hey man, wanna go to the game Friday night, should be an awesome time.

Broke Bitch Poutin': I can watch the game on tv and drink beer at my house, why would I go to the game, the cheerleaders are fat and parking sucks.

#1: Oh that's right, you have no real job, well no need to be a Broke Bitch Poutin' about it.
by Poser Shot Caller November 29, 2010
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