Turning all the lights off in your house and hiding in a bunker like a scared, draft-dodging wimp.
He claimed he was just inspecting the bunker, but we all know he was up to some Bitch Shit.
by afishnamedfish June 4, 2020
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1. Used to describe the actions of another, pertaining to what is commonly associated with being a bitch.

2. Actions or words that would place a person in a state of irritability.

3. Actions taken, or words spoken against another in an attempt to vindicate being a bitch.

4. Of or pertaining to bullshit.
IE. (A = Bitch, B = Victim of Bitch Shit)

A: "Why didn't you call me back last night?"

B: "I was busy."

A: "You are always to busy for me!"

B: "Don't call me with that BITCH SHIT!"


A: "You're late!"

B: "But, I called to let you know I had

an emergency."

A: "Well, don't let it happen again!"

B: "Why do I put up with this BITCH SHIT?"

A: "I can't stand you! I'm going to slash your tires

and bust your headlights!"

B: "You better keep away from me with that BITCH

by Motley_Blu May 29, 2011
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that fucking dumbassery that all you hoes have done at least once and should get slapped for
Brittany: Tiffany! Why the fuck are you grounded?

Tiffany: I got hella drunk and did acid. When I got home my parents told me that I sent them a picture of me sucking some dudes dick.

Brittany: So basically bitch shit?
by best*whore March 10, 2016
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1. Everything that is wrong in life
2. The attribute that every woman holds that creates her bad moods, shitty attitudes, and all around stupidity
1. Guy 1: Why does my life suck dude?

Guy2: Bitch-shit man. Bitch-shit.
2. Everything that is wrong with women leads back to bitch-shit.
by kevinoneill17 March 23, 2013
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When someone does something hella foul or acts like a bitch
Yo, Jason dropped out of Santa's Club and didn't even tell the crew. Ain't that Some Bitch Shit?
by Vinny Mack November 18, 2018
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A line famous from Notorious B.I.G's single "Get Money". "Fuck a bitch shit" refers to the act of not giving a fuck, having no consideration, and simply not caring about a bitch/girl/hoe.
"Because of you I'm on some real fuck a bitch shit."
by descalante January 2, 2008
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