The cup that is in the middle of a rack in beer pong.
*Shoots Ball*

Dude, you just made the bitch cup
by XPrivateXRyanX July 8, 2010
Bitch cup is a game played amongst college kids. A game of pong with a twist to stack the opponent standing next to you.
Grant, do you want to play bitch cup??
by tittiepiercingsss November 25, 2018
when your bitch gets out of line, she needs a smack. so if she starts bleeding, you drain it into the bitch cup.
by charlie frap December 27, 2010
a person, regardless of gender, that is just so fucking annoying. You don’t have to have a specific reason to not like them, you just do. You probably haven’t even had a real conversation with them but they try the most on social media.
Jesus Christ, Ali is such a bitch cup.

I saw bitch cup after class and instantly turned around.

Y’all I almost curb-stomped Ali outside the club this weekend.
by gigglygoblin November 12, 2021
A girl at a party, where drinking is involved, who sits or stands like a lost ass bitch conviently holding cups.
Guy 1: Man, where are the cups?
Guy 2: Go find the cup bitch
by AmIRealTho January 25, 2018
No we all know when somebody be acting like a b**** sipping on cups. They be dranking acting morely like a stuck up bitch. The first letters of the person doing this is M. Proven fact
Person 1: Hey Mike what you doing?
Person 2: oh you know just being a brand new bitch sippin on cups.
Person 1: oh I forgot your name is Mike.

Person 2: duh silly
by SportyObject5 September 3, 2021