The meaning of a bisexual lesbian is a woman

1) that is sexually attracted to women and romantically attracted to men or vice versa

2) Attracted to both, but more attracted to women

3) Attracted to men one day and women the other day

There are multiple definitions for this word, but the word itself is lesbophobic and ignorant. It is NOT valid and someone saying that it's disrespectful to lesbians because they do NOT like men is not and never will be under any circumstances biphobic. A lesbian is a non-man who is attracted to non-man. Bisexuality is romantic attraction, sexual attraction, or sexual behavior toward both males and females, or to more than one gender. A lesbian does NOT like men, a bisexual person does. Putting two sexual orientations that have two different attractions is not cool under any circumstances. Bisexual lesbian is NOT a valid sexuality, it's lesbophobic, disrespectful, and downright ignorant and if you use the term you need to educate yourself

PS. There is nothing wrong with being lesbian or bisexual, both are valid and deserve the undermost respect.
C: "Hey, Sarah what are you again?"

S: "Oh hey Clare and I'm a bisexual lesbian, I like men and women, but I'm attracted to women more".

C: "But Sarah lesbians don't like men, they're two different sexual orientations, don't you think that is a bit lesbophobic and I hate to break it to ya, but you're just plain bisexual, having a stronger attraction to women in any form doesn't mean you're a lesbian IF you still having feelings for men whether it is sexual, romantic, etc"

S: " Oh wow, I didn't know that. I'm truly sorry for being lesbiphobic, I didn't know and I didn't mean to please forgive me"

C: "Sure, It's fine"

Define bisexual-lesbian- A bisexual lesbian is a woman who is more attracted to women than men but still attracted to men.
by Yourfavlesbian July 19, 2021
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Bisexual lesbian is a sexuality that is not valid, since you cannot be both lesbian and bisexual. Lesbians are only attracted to non men. (ex women, and non binary people ) while bisexuals are attracted to men. so saying that you are a bi-lesbian is lesbiphobia and not valid.
"hey I am a bisexual lesbian!"
"no you're not thats lesbiphobia. You can't identify as a non man attracted person when you are attracted to men"
by milo <3 April 1, 2021
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Bisexual Lesbian is a false and ignorant term that some uneducated lesbophobes came up with to further invalidate lesbians while being low-key biphobic at the same time. It apparently means that "lesbians can be interested in men" which is COMPLETELY against what lesbianism actually means.
1. Some stupid lady told me I can be lesbian and date men which will make me a bisexual lesbian even though that doesn't make any fucking sense!
2. A Bisexual lesbian doesn't exist as lesbians are non-men individuals who are attracted to other non-men individuals, excluding ALL and EVERY MAN.
by Witchy Potato May 24, 2021
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its a bisexual girl who, even though she likes both, she prefers women.
"omg i can't believe that maria is a bisexual lesbian, i always thought she was just a bisexual."
by lisa June 14, 2006
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A person who identifies as female, and is bisexual, but homoromantic. finding a sexual attraction to both males and females, but only feeling romantic attraction to other females.
"So wait, do you like boys too, but will only date girls?"

"yeah, i'm a Bisexual Lesbian"
by t-grill June 20, 2020
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She is lesbian but had sex with Archibald anyways... That makes her a lesbian bisexual
by SlaveDeb April 2, 2017
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